About All-Magnets Magnetic Therapy Bracelets

(Please note that we are out of stock of this type of magnetic bracelets)

All magnets magnetic therapy bracelet, where all the links are magnets, is the answer to those who may not be sure what size will fit their wrist (or the wrist of the person they are buying for). All magnets magnetic bracelets may also provides the maximum magnetic powers you can pack in a magnetic bracelet.

Each and every one of our all magnets magnetic therapy bracelets are not just a collection of magnets put together: Each magnet was prepare and processed to make a special piece of jewellery!

The bracelet are unique:
Every single link (small and big),  is a NEODYMIUM powerful Magnet. NEODYMIUM magnets are 10 times more powerful than regular magnet, which keeps the bracelet on your wrist purely because the magnetic field keeps the links together.

There is no String holding the magnets, no Hinges or Joints, and there is no Clasp. This allows the bracelet to fit any wrist: Just remove magnets!

Magnetic therapy jewellery in general and magnetic therapy bracelet is one of today’s most popular jewellery accessories for a number of very good reasons. Nothing makes your personal statement as strongly as a first class bracelet. The use of plating in the composition of magnetic bracelets helps to provide you with a product whose life span is lengthy and whose appearance will not be stained or tarnished over time.

When wearing an all-magnets magnetic therapy bracelet from us, you can be sure to have a fashion statement combined with the benefits of magnetic therapy. All our all-magnets magnetic bracelets completely manufactured - from start to finish - in a process where we can control the quality of the magnets used.

We ensure that all our all-magnets magnetic therapy bracelets and each all-magnets magnetic bracelet contain only high quality magnets, and each magnet is checked for quality before used in our magnetic jewelery. Our all magnets magnetic bracelets and each all magnets magnetic bracelet have many different styles to enhance the design and the visual effect. We are sure that you will find something that fits your style and needs for bracelets with magnets, all magnets magnetic bracelets, and any other magnetic jewellery in our magnetic jewelery category. Remember that all of the magnetic bracelets, all magnets magnetic bracelets and all other magnetic jewellery in our on-line store are made using the latest techniques.

We really think that our quality magnetic bracelets, all magnets magnetic bracelets and other magnetic jewellery are the most competitively priced you can find anywhere on the web. Each all magnets magnetic bracelet and is checked thoroughly for quality control before being packed carefully to ensure you get the perfect magnetic bangle or bracelet.

We stopped stocking All-Magnets bracelet as it appears that the plating is rubbing off - we are developing a new range - and it will be available soon.

Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium Magnets are revolutionising consumer goods around the world with their incredible magnetic power and their extremely small size.

Neodymium Magnets are rare Earth ceramic magnets. They are the strongest of all permanent magnets and they produce intensely powerful magnetic fields. The intense magnetism makes them unbeatable Industrial Magnets which are now being used for applications that were previously considered impossible.


Each bracelet comes in a gift box.

All Magnets Magnetic Bracelets