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About Magnetic Therapy Care for Dogs & Cats


Why deny the benefits of Magnetic Therapy Natural healing from the animals around us?

Many animals of the modern household or modern farm, including horses, cats and dogs are sensitive to many of the same ailments that humans are, such as the common cold and influenza, arthritis, spinal problems, kidney failure, heart conditions, immune disorders and joint problems. Vets usually applies conventional treatments for horses, dogs and cats which are similar in nature to those used to treat humans in conventional medicine.

However, Many Vets today recommend the use of magnetic therapy for animals because it is both efficacious and cost effective treatment, while being risk free treatment.

Magnetic therapy treatments may be even a lot more effective on small animals in our household like dogs and cats than they are on us humans: As animals like dogs and cats are smaller than humans, their volume of blood is a lot smaller than humans, while circulation and metabolism is much faster than in humans. Those fundamental differences makes treating dogs and cats with magnetic devices a lot faster and effective than treating humans. Also, when we put a magnetic collar on a dog or a cat, the magnetic field effect the blood a lot faster than in human, as the collar sits near main arteries that transfer blood, while the distance from to heart and brain are a lot smaller than when a human wears a magnetic bracelet.

Magnetic collars enhance the blood circulation in the body of the dog or the cat. As more oxygen and nutrients are taken to the cells of the body of the dog or the cat. and more toxins are removed. As a result, tired or damaged tissue is revitalised and pain reduced. Magnetic Dogs Collars and magnetic cats collars have been designed to provide your dog and your cat with benefits of magnetic therapy healing. Each dogs magnetic collar and each cats magnetic collar have powerful magnets which may benefits your dog or your cat just as well its benefits to humans.

The magnetic therapy collars for dogs and cats offers many designs and materials which enhance their appearance. You may chose a quick release collar for dogs, or a real leather collars for dogs. So when your cat or your dog wear any of our magnetic dog collars or any of our magnetic cats collars, you can be sure that there is no compromising on appearance. We carry magnetic collars for dogs and magnetic collars for cats which are completely manufactured from start to finish in a process where we can control the quality of alloys and magnets used.

We are sure that you will find something that fits your dog or your cat and needs of dogs magnetic therapy collar and cats magnetic collar. Remember that all dogs magnetic collards and all cats magnetic collars,  and other magnetic care for animals in this on-line store are made using the latest techniques. We think that our quality magnetic collars for dogs and our quality magnetic collards for cats are the most competitively priced you can find anywhere on the internet. Our dogs magnetic collars and cats magnetic collars, and each dog's magnetic collar and each cat's magnetic collar is checked for quality control before being packed carefully to ensure you get the perfect magnetic care products for your pet.

Magnetic dog and cat collars may help your pet with Arthritis, Joint pain, Back Pain, Hip displaces, Sciatica, skin conditions Stress, Renal problems Anxiety, bowel disorders, Old Fractures, stiffness.

Magnetic Therapy collars for dogs and magnetic collars for cats are used to relieve pain, increase metabolic activity and reduce stress and even nervous problems in animals, as well as increase the speed of healing.

Being a natural healing tool, it is highly effective and has no adverse side-effects.

A further benefit of magnetic collars for dogs and cats is that it is anti-parasitic. Parasites such as fleas and ear mites are reduced as they do not like the magnetic fields generated by the magnetic collars.

Magnetic Care for Dogs & Cats

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