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About Magnetic Therapy Necklaces / Chains

The Alloy based Magnetic Bracelets offers many designs and plating (gold, silver and chrome). When wearing alloys magnetic necklace and chains with magnets, you can be sure to have a fashion statement combine with the benefits of magnetic therapy.

The magnetic therapy necklaces and the magnetic chains contain many magnets (up to 20 magnets) spread around the length of the magnetic necklace or magnetic chain, which makes them ideal and efficient way to enjoy the benefits of magnetic therapy healing and a fashion piece of jewellery at the same time. The added benefit for wearing a magnetic necklace or chain with magnets is that the magnets are closer to the heart and effect the blood much easier and fast that with wearing a magnetic bracelet or a magnetic bangle.

We carry alloys based magnetic therapy necklaces and alloys based magnetic chains that are completely manufactured from start to finish in a process where we can control the quality of the magnets and the quality of the craftsmanship. We ensure that our alloys based magnetic necklaces and alloys magnetic chains uses high quality alloys and magnets. Our alloys based magnetic necklaces and magnetic chains have different styles to enhance the design and the visual effect. Most of the designs are plated with copper, chrome, gold or just polished to the highest standard. We are sure that you will find something that fits your style and needs for magnetic necklace or magnetic chain jewellery in this category.

Remember that all of the alloys based magnetic therapy necklaces and every magnetic chain, as well as all magnetic jewellery in this on-line store are made using the latest techniques. We think that our quality alloys based magnetic chains and magnetic necklaces are the most competitively priced you can find anywhere on the internet. Our alloy based magnetic necklaces and every magnetic chain are checked for quality control before being packed carefully to ensure you get the perfect magnetic jewelery.


Wearing a magnetic therapy necklace or magnetic chain would be an alternative to wearing a magnetic bracelet or a magnetic chain.

Magnetic Therapy Necklaces / Chains

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