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About Magnetic Body Wraps / Support

Magnetic wraps and magnetic body support are very popular and effective. The magnetic body wraps and magnetic body support provide both magnetic therapy and support at the same time at focus point of the body, just where you need them. Used by many people for pain related conditions, they offer the possibility of pain relief while providing physical support to the joint or area involved.

Magnetic body wraps and magnetic body support are used for Pain Relief, Long-term Problems, Short Acute Episodes of Pain, Sports Injuries, Preventative Care.

There are several magnetic products in the range to cater for different joint and body areas. Most of the magnetic body wraps and magnetic body support are made of lightweight Neoprene that is tough and durable. Fully adjustable, one size will fit most people, using Velcro fastening. Simply place the wrap over the area of discomfort secure the Velcro binding and let the magnets and your body do the rest.

Many people that lead active life style are looking for a solution that will have both the benefits of magnetic therapy with the added benefit of securing a part of the body from extreme movement. that will not be a hinder. The magnetic body warps and magnetic body support are most sought after by golfers and other active people who needs just that. Magnetic body wraps and magnetic body support will be an indispensable addition to any golfers equipment.

Magnetic Wraps for specialised and localised application of magnetic therapy.

Our range includes Magnetic Soles, Magnetic Wrist wraps, Magnetic Elbow Wraps, Magnetic Ankle Wraps, Magnetic Head Wraps, Magnetic Neck Wraps.

The therapeutic effectiveness of the wraps may be governed by the following factors: The physical size of the magnets, The gauss strength of the magnets, The number of magnets used in the wrap, and the support the warp gives to the certain part of the body.

Magnetic Body Wraps / Support

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