About Titanium Magnetic Therapy Bracelets

When you are wearing a titanium magnetic bracelet, you can be sure to have a fashion statement combine with the benefits of magnetic therapy.

We carry titanium magnetic bracelets and titanium bangles that are completely manufactured from start to finish in a process where we can control the quality of titanium used. By working with our suppliers, we can ensure that our titanium magnetic bracelets uses surgically quality titanium. All our bracelets carry the stamp 'titanium', and some styles of titanium magnetic bracelets have gold for plating to enhance the design and the visual effect.

We are sure that you will find something that fits your style and needs in our range of titanium link bracelets. Remember that all of the titanium bracelets, titanium cuff bracelets and other titanium magnetic jewellery on this online store are made using the latest techniques. We think that our quality titanium magnetic jewelry are the most competitively priced you can find anywhere on the internet.

Our pure magnetic titanium bracelets and titanium magnetic bracelets are checked for quality control before being packed carefully to ensure you get the perfect magnetic bracelet.

Titanium bar

A major reason for choosing a titanium is the compatibility of the Titanium metal with the human body, which will make titanium magnetic bracelets the best choice for those people who have very sensitive skin and may develop allergic reactions to other metals in jewellery.

Many people that leading daily active lifestyle are looking for magnetic bracelets that will not be a hinder. The magnetic titanium bracelets are most sought after by golfers, who want to have a magnetic bracelet that may not effect their swing as a typical heavy stainless steel magnetic bracelet. This is the reason that Titanium magnetic bracelets will be an indispensable addition to any golfers equipment.

Each magnetic titanium bracelet have Neodymium Magnets (not Samarium Cobalt magnets), and stainless steel split pins between the titanium links, and there is a choice of gift boxes to chose from. By default, we will post a gift bracelet wallet with the item.

Out of our range of metal links magnetic bracelets (Which are made of stainless steel magnetic bracelets, gold bio magnetic bracelets, copper magnetic bracelets and alloys magnetic bracelets), the titanium magnetic bracelets is the most popular, here in the UK and abroad.

Because of its high tensile strength, light weight, extraordinary corrosion resistance, and ability to withstand extreme temperatures, TITANIUM is used widely in aircraft industry. This this the time to make the point that our titanium magnetic bracelets are not the same quality that is being used in the aircraft and aerospace industry (Titanium Alloy) . They are made of Commercially Pure (CP) Titanium Grade 3, which are used in medical devices such as implants, heart valves and so on. Our magnetic titanium bracelets are clearly stamped "TITANIUM".

MPSŪ POLARIS Silver Double Strength Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

MPSŪ POLARIS Silver Double Strength Titanium Magnetic Bracelet£49.99   £39.99

YOU SAVE: £10.00 (20%)

MPSŪ POLARIS Jet-Black Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

MPSŪ POLARIS Jet-Black Titanium Magnetic Bracelet£34.99   £24.99

YOU SAVE: £10.00 (29%)


Used in titanium magnetic bracelets, the metal is a lustrous, silver-grey metallic element. While has the strength of steel, titanium is weight comparable to aluminium (Titanium is 60% lighter than similar strength stainless steel). Titanium responds very little to electricity, heat and magnets (making it the perfect metal use in magnetic bracelet).

Titanium forms protective surface layers, which gives it excellent resistance to corrosive attacks by saltwater, sea air and certain acids, and it is capable of being submerged in water for long periods of time without sustaining damage or colour change. Perfect for use in magnetic bracelets for the active person.

MPSŪ CastleRock for Women Titanium Magnetic Bracelet GOLD-BLACK

MPSŪ CastleRock for Women Titanium Magnetic Bracelet GOLD-BLACK£74.95   £44.95

YOU SAVE: £30.00 (40%)

MPSŪ CastleRock for Women Titanium Magnetic Bracelet GOLD-EDGE

MPSŪ CastleRock for Women Titanium Magnetic Bracelet GOLD-EDGE£74.95   £44.95

YOU SAVE: £30.00 (40%)

MPSŪ CastleRock for Women Titanium Magnetic Bracelet SILVER

MPSŪ CastleRock for Women Titanium Magnetic Bracelet SILVER£74.95   £44.95

YOU SAVE: £30.00 (40%)

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