What is the MPS Retail Affiliate Program

What is the MPS Retail Affiliate Program?

It works just like online affiliate program: You direct potential buyers to our website and if they place an order, you earn a commission.

How will it work for bricks & mortar retail establishments?

You display a holder for our leaflets. Each leaflet had a unique URL that directs potential buyers to our website. That URL is connected to you, and when the buyer places an order, your commission earned and recorded in your Affiliate Account.

What is the cost for joining the program?

Zero. Nothing. We will provide you with the leaflet holder and send you leaflets.

Why should I join?

Because this is a way to sell new items without the cost of buying stock. Or more staff for stocking the shelves or taking payments at the till. No risk, no additional work.

How much is my commission?

Currently the commission rate is  10%  of the order.


When do you pay the accumulated commission?

We will transfer the money when a threshold reached. The threshold is £50.00.


Who can join?

If you own a real world establishment (Shop, Workshop, Restaurant, Surgery, Salon and so on) - you can join.


But you may be competing with my business

No we will not. We are one trick pony:

We only sell magnetic therapy jewellery, nothing else. And we will not send with the orders any other leaflets about any other products, or any other seller.