How Does It Works?

For this program to work, you need to direct potential buyers to our website, while ensuring that you will receive your commission.

To achieve that, we provide you with an A5 Leaflet holder (and the leaflets, of course). Below you can see the flyer's first page.

Note that the URL looks a little strange: 

This is a unique URL. Note the number at the end: "1xx1xx" is your own Affiliate Account number.

This URL will be only on the leaflets that we send you.

When the potential buyer enter our site via this link and place an order, you will earn the commission.


When you login to your Affiliate Account, you will be able to see and follow the progress of your earnings (See screenshot below).


Note that the potential buyer also offered a discount of 10% - and that this discount is only available if they entered our website via this unique URL (This discount will appear at the checkout).


See below the complete cycle of the process: