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Arthritis & Magnetic Therapy

We feel that the following is important. It is taken in full from the Arthritis Research UK website on 20th of February 2012:

"Magnet therapy

What is it?
It has been suggested that magnets can be helpful for pain relief, including low back and knee pain. Magnets can be used in different ways, including wearing them in bracelets, taping them to your joints and using various magnetic devices, including mattress pads.

Is it safe?
Unfortunately the evidence is too patchy to make clear recommendations on the kind of magnet therapy that might help you. But itís very safe, so it may be worth experimenting Ė although youíll have to weigh this up with the cost of the products."


There are many therapies out there that fall into the category of alternative therapies - meaning that they are not part of the mainstream medical approach.

Still, many health services around the world have started to fund alternative therapies. This series of articles will follow the supplements alternative to modern day medicine when dealing with arthritis, trying to separate facts from fiction. The series includes five parts which are:

1. Alternative arthritis therapies.

2. Battling Arthritis With Activity.

3. Adaptation of magnetic therapy by main stream medicine in recent years.

4. Helpful Healthy Supplements vs. magnetic therapy.

5.Choose Alternative Therapy Wisely.

We hope that you will find these articles informative and useful.

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