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Thursday, 13 May 2021  |  Admin

The origin of our company as we remember it  :)


Eran Adams left the real-world retail behind in the early 2000’s, after over 20 years in management positions with UK high street retailers such as Wilko & Tesco, with the idea of making a living from home. Eran opened Adva Trading Ltd, cleared the leaving room and set it up as the warehouse. After a short soul searching Eran zoomed on magnetic bracelets as a good product to sell. The reasons for the focus on magnetic bracelets in those early times were simple:

1. Magnetic bracelets are small, so they can be stored at home, where the business started.

2. In a research on the internet, it became clear that they appeared to help people - according to very early feedbacks from customers.


After a short time, the first of the above reasons was made redundant, and we were OK with it, because the business became too large to operate from Eran's home. Today Adva Trading operates from large facility, containing warehouses, packing areas and offices.

And as the team grown, the business identity changed from “me” to “us”.

The second reason for selling magnetic bracelets remains to date – because it meant that when we turn off the lights and lock the offices at the end of each day, we feel that we did not only made some money to by baked beans for the kids, we also helped people to feel better.


Magnetic Products Store, or MPS was registered as a trademark in 2012, and ever since has gain followers in the United Kingdom and all over the world. The brand recognition is a testament for the quality of our magnetic bracelets, and the superior customer service we provide.

MPS sold over 20,000 items in the year 2020


As the business grown, we decided to address the most asked question: Which bracelet is best for me? – Our standard and uninspiring answer became the base for the second focus of our business.

We realized that when customers made purchasing decision based on “strongest bracelets” and the likes, they often than not purchased a bracelet that they did not actually liked. As a result, those bracelets ended up in the draw.

Not good.

At about 2014 we sent customers questioner about our magnetic bracelets and we have had our moment of epiphany!

And our advice - our whole attitude changed: You need to LIKE the looks of the bracelet FIRST.

That was the Light Bulb time for us. We started to develop our range by introducing way more colours and models. The aim was that everybody can find their favourite looking magnetic bracelet.

We now have the largest range of magnetic bracelets in Europe & the United Kingdom.


Over the years we added elements to the standard offering, which adding value to your magnetic bracelets order. They includes Resizing Tool, Luxury Gift Wallet, Polishing Cloth, Printed Instructions & Rewards Points. We also made our site easy and safe to browse, order and pay. The bracelets on the site are always in stock, and they are offered in many sizes or lengths. To round it all, we post orders every business day.


To top it we offer the cream of after-sale service, a gold standard that yet no other competitor dared to offer:

A. Stupidly amazing Return Policy.

B. Easy ordering of loose links to extend links bracelets.

C. Full Resizing Service.