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Let's get personal

Wednesday, 31 July 2013  |  Admin

Sometimes you feel, giving something pretty is just not enough.
Special occasions demand unique gifts. And what would be more unique, then your wishes, your thoughts about the other one?

MPS provides now a new FREE engraving service for many magnetic bracelets! There is a stylish blank tag built in between regular links, which can be engraved on even both sides.

This way your warm wishes, your feelings, a quote which mean so much for you can be with your loved and can remind him/her that someone cares....Probably, you already have an idea, what you would write in it, don't you?

Imagine what it would mean to you, to get a jewelry with a message written only for you. It is exactly, how touched others would feel too.

Two sides let you use all your creativity. You can use it playful, like:
"We are the two sides
of the same coin."

or add the date/place on the back, or something more personal what you do not want everyone to see. It is only up to your imagination!