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The bracelet of Valentine's day

2 CommentsTuesday, 29 January 2013  |  Admin
We cannot imagine anything sweeter than this bracelet, full of love hearts!
The pink is probably the cutest, but you can find it in some other colours as well!

If you would ask us, what to buy for your girl for Valentine's day, this is our answer!


Check the whole range here.


Mia Stuart
Wednesday, 30 January 2013  |  10:45

Confirmed. Although I am someone, who isn't typically into pink-cute stuff, but this one is soo sweet:D I guess I fell in love with it haha I will have to leave this window "accidently" open on my bfs pc I guess:P

Monday, 4 February 2013  |  14:14

Well, this post made my hunt quit short. thx for the clue