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To find the right gift

Wednesday, 28 August 2013  |  Admin
Looking for a right gift often turns out to be a nightmare. A few weeks ago, you could write a long list about perfect ideas. But now, as you would have to buy something you are suddenly find nothing but a emptiness where your list was..
Once you get here, and already know that you are looking for some magnetic jewelry, you can call yourself lucky!
But here comes the next step. You know WHAT you would like to buy, BUT do not know WHICH! 

On our page you can find some help to find the perfect one as soon as possible.
The three main steps are to decide

Choice of Style: Bracelet or a bangle.

Choice of metal: Copper alloys or a noble metal (Titanium and Stainless steel).

Choice of Size: How do you get the correct size of magnetic bracelet or magnetic bangle?

You can find some more detailed help about each here:

What we would advice also, to take a look at our gift idea suggestions.

Just surf around and try to get a general impression which design might be closest to her/his taste. 
Nothing else left, just put those info together and you got the perfect present!