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Golf is not a sport, but a lifestyle

Monday, 21 October 2013  |  Admin

Just ask any golf-fanatic, they will tell you the same.
For outsiders it might occur a bit strange, how important role golf can play in some peoples life.

For those who take this sport seriously, it also means a heavy strain not only for the muscles, but for the joints too.

The majority of golf injuries can be pinpointed to the golf swing; twisting, muscle tension, excessive tissue tension, stress absorbed from impact, can all take their toll. The most common injury for professional male golfers is the back, followed by the left wrist and shoulder. Female professionals are more likely to injure the left wrist, followed by lower back. Amateurs have most trouble with the elbow, which is the number one problem for women and number two for men.

Golfing wrist aches and pains could now be a thing of the past with magnetic bracelets for golfers.