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The History of Swarovski Bracelets

2 CommentsWednesday, 13 February 2013  |  Admin

Sparkling, enchanting, so beautiful that no woman on earth can resist it.


The roots of the company brings us back to the 19th century in the Austro-Hungarian empire, in a town which is part of the Czech Republic now. Daniel Swarovski as a little boy was already amused by the glitter of the crystals and often spent his time in the grinding-workshop as an apprentice.


Attending the first exhibition of machines at age 21 he decieded to renew  the crystal making industry. Siemens and Edison technical innovations inspired him to invent a new crystal cutting machine wich makes the perfect material. he had to wait for 9 years to make his dream come true, in 1892 his method become patented. A new age in crystal industry began.


He established the company Daniel Swarovski&Co. with his brother-in-law. The company is still belongs to the family, and organized by the 4. and 5. generation.

Altough it is most known of producing crystals for jewelry and clothing they have several other divisions as well. The first jewelry collection was launched in the USA in 1977, then after 12 years they started to sell in the UK as well. In 1989 they started the Daniel Swarovski collection, which is including exclusive jewelry, accessories and clothes.

This long road brought the Swarovski Crystals to us. MPS is the only magnetic product brand that offers jewelry with real Swarovski crystals! MPS is exclusively entitled to use these unique sparkling stones for magnetic bracelets and we are authorized by Swarovski to display the ‘MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS’ label for this range. It is a certificate of authenticity guaranteeing the premium quality and provenance of the crystals used in these Titanium Magnetic Bracelets.

Those 10 bracelets are made EXCLUSIVELY for us, and we are the only licensed seller of titanium magnetic bracelets with Swarovski crystals in the world. You can not find those bracelets anywhere else!


Wear one of these beauties and be proud of the history it has!