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Monday, 18 February 2013  |  Admin


Social networks are these days nearly as important as our "real life" personal connections. It is not a big surprise, who would not be enthusiastic to be able to share anything at anytime with friends?

On these sites it became available, not only to contact people who are close to us, but to get in touch with organizations/celebrities we are interested in, share opinions and follow all the news, keep up-to-date. To tell what you think about something directly never been easier before! Celebrities and companies can always know what their fans/customers think, and change if it is needed.


MPS is no exception either, we became available to contact on Facebook and Twitter too!
You can always be informed about the novelties and read something interesting about magnetic therapy and related subjects. But we do not only want to talk, we would like to listen and get inspired! Share your thoughts with us!

  Do you remember, when you purchased your first magnetic bracelet? What research it needed, to figure out more about magnetic therapy and the suppliers services? Make it easier for new ones! There should be an opened, live discussion about the therapy opportunities and experiences! 


 Join-Like-Follow us, to be a part of our community, take part in sweepstakes for gifts and to get special coupons as well!
 See you there!