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Fixing the problems - quickly and easily

Friday, 31 March 2017  |  Admin

Whilst every online retailer aims to ensure only the best customer experience for all customers, there will inevitably be times when something goes wrong. For example, in the case of magnetic bracelets with links, it is possible - even with the best will in the world - for some people to estimate the size of their wrist wrong. (I nearly wrote "misunderestimate".) Of course this can particularly be a problem if you are buying the bracelet for some one else.

Now in the case of under-estimation of course, there is not much you can do except get a replacement. However, if you overestimate the wrist size, then it is a relatively easy problem to solve. All you have to do is remove one or two links. In fact MPS makes this particularly easy, by providing a free links removal tool with each order for a links bracelet. However, including it is all very well, but how do you use it?

Fortunately that is not a problem for Magnetic Products Store customers, because the MPS website has a whole set of Troubleshooting pages and one of these explains clearly and concisely how to use the tool. And the explanations are supported by equally clear pictures and diagrams.

So how would you go about removing links from your MPS bracelet? first of all, please note that it has two extra push pins stored in the base. The push pin is the pin that is used to push out the pins that hold the links in place.

The next thing to do is identify the correct side to place the tip of the push pin. The picture below illustrates the wrong side and the right side for this operation.

After aligning the push pin with the pin you are trying to remove, you turn the handle slowly to push the pin out gently.

When the pin is partially out - enough to get a grip on it - you can of course pull it the rest of the way.

Obviously you have to repeat this process on the other side of the link or group of links that you want to remove. Then the next step is, of course, to reconnect what is left. This is shown below.

Then, finally, the same tool is used to push the pin the rest of the way, thereby completing the process.

And that's really all there is to it. Happy resizing.