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The Gift Panic

Monday, 2 December 2013  |  Admin

To buy a really good gift is not easy. You have to know the person you buy for well enough, his/her taste, needs...etc. Sometimes even for close friends or relatives it is pretty hard to figure out, what would make them happy.

As the occasion is coming we start to get more and more stressed, Therefore the idea comes harder and harder. At some point we start to freak out. Christmas is nearly there and we still have nothing! How many times in this panic, we just pick the first stuff that is just "not too bad".

Our first advice is: relax. Giving a present is more about the gesture then the thing you give itself. We all know that, still tend to forget it when Christmastime is coming. 

Second advice:simply buy the thing, that reminds you of him/her. Usually these things have something from you and your loved one also. Just let your impressions lead you. If you look at something, and you have the feeling "she/he would be so happy", that is enough. It is sure you could fine something more matching. There is always a better one. But hey, it is no competition!

Why giving MPS product is a good idea?

  • You do not only present something nice, but taking care of the other persons health. Trying to help to ease his/her pain or to make him/her feel better. How nice is that?
  • There is no such thing as too many jewelry. From practical things, you can how a useless amount - but from jewelry? Never. They are all different, matching various outfits.
  • At MPS you get an extended service - easy shopping (no crowd), fast delivery, no hassle re-sizing or refunding

To find one that really suits, you can use our Gift Idea page. Browse around these selected products to figure out which range you actually need.

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A real classic

Friday, 29 November 2013  |  Admin

The choice of design and colour is both a real classic men's bracelet. The style, which never looses it's value.

What makes it a great gift?

  • Ageless - from a 15 years old to a senior - suits any age
  • Casual and neat - can be worn for special events just as much as on everydays
  • Stainless steel - light but durable
  • Clear design - you can be sure it will match the taste of the person you give it to

This bracelet is part of the Big Christmas Giveaway. If you buy 3 of the Special Collection you only pay for 2!


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Special yet moderate

Thursday, 21 November 2013  |  Admin



The three different colours of the links gives this bracelet a real unique look. It does still conserve a very moderate and classy style. Can be worn just as for special occasions as on everydays.

Perfect gift for a Lady with style and who is eager to have special accessories.

Part of the Christmas Giveaway Special Collection!
Buy 3 bracelet from the special collection and get the cheapest piece for completely FREE!

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Great Christmas Giveaway

Tuesday, 19 November 2013  |  Admin

Make your Christmas Shopping easier!

With Magnetic Therapy Jewelry you do not only give something pretty, but also take care of the health of ones you love.

Buy 3 from our special "3 for 2" Collection and get them for the price of 2.
(the cheapest one is for FREE)

With one purchase, you can get a special gift for many you would like to surpise this Christmas.


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The bracelet of Autumn

Saturday, 2 November 2013  |  Admin

Are the one who loves to breath in the breeze of the Fall? The long walks in the chilly days? 

This Bracelet is for you!

All the colours of the autumn leaves on one bracelet with some sparkle.




Bracelet Width: 7 mm

# of Magnets (in Standard Length): 9

Magnets Strength:
 3,000 gauss each

Clasp Type: Fold Over clasp

Links Metal: Plated copper alloy

Stone: Crystal


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A unique colour

1 CommentTuesday, 29 October 2013  |  Admin

Did you see them yet?
Many of our bracelets are available in a new, special colour!

If you want something different, these bracelets are for you. An interesting tone, somewhere between copper and gold with a hint of rose shade.

Fits perfect for men and women too.



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Golf is not a sport, but a lifestyle

Monday, 21 October 2013  |  Admin

Just ask any golf-fanatic, they will tell you the same.
For outsiders it might occur a bit strange, how important role golf can play in some peoples life.

For those who take this sport seriously, it also means a heavy strain not only for the muscles, but for the joints too.

The majority of golf injuries can be pinpointed to the golf swing; twisting, muscle tension, excessive tissue tension, stress absorbed from impact, can all take their toll. The most common injury for professional male golfers is the back, followed by the left wrist and shoulder. Female professionals are more likely to injure the left wrist, followed by lower back. Amateurs have most trouble with the elbow, which is the number one problem for women and number two for men.

Golfing wrist aches and pains could now be a thing of the past with magnetic bracelets for golfers.


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Collect Loyalty Points

Wednesday, 16 October 2013  |  Admin

Earn Reward Points with each




Probably you noticed the text below the price of the bracelet you were about to buy. Great, you get Loyalty Points. But what can you use them for? 

  • For each £1 you spend on products, you will get 1 Reward Point.


  • Each Reward Point worth £0.05. ==> Loyalty Points WORTH 5% OFF 


  • When you come back to our website, the Reward Points you accumulated will be displayed in the checkout, and you will be able to use them as part of your payment.

For more details visit: 

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Get the right sized bracelet

Tuesday, 8 October 2013  |  Admin

Altought we are happy to resize your bracelet any time FREE of charge,
It is even easier and more comfortable for you if you get the right sized bracelet for the first time.

We prepared a video, that helps you to measure your wrist properly and
order the bracelet that fits you best!

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Like us to WIN!

Thursday, 3 October 2013  |  Admin

Like our Facebook page to participate in the new MPS Giveaway!

You can refresh your jewelries now with a stylish Copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelet!
With its warm bronze tone it suits the colours of your autumn outfits,
and also combines the effects of Copper and Magnetic Therapy!

Read about the advantages of Copper HERE.

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We are Social!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013  |  Admin

Do not miss DISCOUNTS

NEW bracelets

continous SWEEPSTAKES!

Like us on Facebook

To get all the news first hand about Magnetic Therapy, alternative medication, 
MPS novelties and Special Offers!


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Even in the very last minute

Monday, 16 September 2013  |  Admin

Did you forget someone's Birthday? Anniversary?
Don't Panic!


We can save you, even in the very last minute!
Next day shipment available, if you buy the product by 14:00.
Available from Monday to Friday.


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A simple solution

Wednesday, 11 September 2013  |  Admin

Do you know the feeling, when you are in rush and you just want to put on you bracelet and... there comes that tiny clasp. With one shaking hand from being nervous trying to put that little thingy into that even smaller hole... Pure evil!

For these days, we have an easy but great solution: expanding bracelet!
Just when you need it the most, putting on your jewelry without any struggle.

Fits great for anyone with bigger fingers or smaller patience:)
Also a good choice for elderly people for who it might be difficult to put a usual bracelet on.

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Let the fear go

Wednesday, 4 September 2013  |  Admin
This bracelet might save your life!

For people with special medical condition it can be crucial that medical professionals get the information about their problem in time. ICE Medical Alert bracelets are invented to give a solution for it.

You can get engraved important detail about your health condition on your Magnetic Therapy bracelet! Its is marked with a medical sign, which professionals know well.

In case of emergency they will check it and give you or your loved one the needed treatment and avoid a tragedy.

When can it be useful? If you suffer from e.g. one of the followings:
Diabetes, Asthma ,Dialysis, Heart condition, Pacemaker, High Blood Pressure, Epilepsy, Dementia...), or Allergies (Penicillin, Peanut...)

You can always feel yourself and your loved one safe!


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To find the right gift

Wednesday, 28 August 2013  |  Admin
Looking for a right gift often turns out to be a nightmare. A few weeks ago, you could write a long list about perfect ideas. But now, as you would have to buy something you are suddenly find nothing but a emptiness where your list was..
Once you get here, and already know that you are looking for some magnetic jewelry, you can call yourself lucky!
But here comes the next step. You know WHAT you would like to buy, BUT do not know WHICH! 

On our page you can find some help to find the perfect one as soon as possible.
The three main steps are to decide

Choice of Style: Bracelet or a bangle.

Choice of metal: Copper alloys or a noble metal (Titanium and Stainless steel).

Choice of Size: How do you get the correct size of magnetic bracelet or magnetic bangle?

You can find some more detailed help about each here:

What we would advice also, to take a look at our gift idea suggestions.

Just surf around and try to get a general impression which design might be closest to her/his taste. 
Nothing else left, just put those info together and you got the perfect present!

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Give luck a chance

Sunday, 18 August 2013  |  Admin

Have you checked the Special Offers yet?

Time to look around,
and find out which bracelets we have with discount today!

Click here...

Be aware, we change the bracelets here regularly.
It means, what you can buy for cheap today, you may not tomorrow.
But who knows what you can?

Worth to come back time to time,
and see what we offer for a nice price!

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Bracelet of a hidden kingdom

Wednesday, 14 August 2013  |  Admin
Great combination of 

Fashion and Magnetic Therapy 

Shamballa Style
Hematite Bracelet with 17 variants!
Wether you are looking for something cute and playful or something moderate,
there is a Shamballa Style bracelet for you!
NOW 50% OFF!!
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As YOU wish

Saturday, 10 August 2013  |  Admin
The NEW MPS Giveaway just STARTED!

Our new Giveaway has a special price. It is the bracelet, you ike the most for sure.
Because YOU are the one who can decide, which bracelet you can WIN!

Look around on our page, pick the one you like the most and let us know due entering the Giveaway.

Personalized ICE and Medical Alert bracelets are not part of the promotion.
The winer will be informed by email. 



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If one is not enough

1 CommentWednesday, 7 August 2013  |  Admin
It is not a simple occasion. This time you want to be really generous. You picked magnetic jewelry, but a bracelet  this time just does not seem to be enough.
If you combine a bracelet with a neat magnetic necklace we offer,
you can stop worrying if your gift is good enough or not!



For a matching wrapping you can use Gift Bag Updates.

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Let's get personal

Wednesday, 31 July 2013  |  Admin

Sometimes you feel, giving something pretty is just not enough.
Special occasions demand unique gifts. And what would be more unique, then your wishes, your thoughts about the other one?

MPS provides now a new FREE engraving service for many magnetic bracelets! There is a stylish blank tag built in between regular links, which can be engraved on even both sides.

This way your warm wishes, your feelings, a quote which mean so much for you can be with your loved and can remind him/her that someone cares....Probably, you already have an idea, what you would write in it, don't you?

Imagine what it would mean to you, to get a jewelry with a message written only for you. It is exactly, how touched others would feel too.

Two sides let you use all your creativity. You can use it playful, like:
"We are the two sides
of the same coin."

or add the date/place on the back, or something more personal what you do not want everyone to see. It is only up to your imagination!

About our services details, and to find the bracelets with blank tags available for engraving click here:

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