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Spotlight on bracelet #1508

Thursday, 3 June 2021  |  Admin

Today we will put a Special Edition magnetic bracelet in the spotlight.

Special Edition magnetic bracelet #1508

This product is part of our Special Edition range. This range is all about uniqueness. That means that we designed a bracelet with patterns that cannot be found elsewhere. And instead of manufacturing a large quantity, typically few hundreds for initial stocking of a new product, we assemble the bracelet from links we have in our workshop only after an order placed.

The unique design ensure that this bracelet is indeed special. And while admittedly this item is not one-off design, it is still, nevertheless, an incredibly unique and special design. Hence, we call this range the Special Edition range.

In fact, we do not even carry a stock of this item. There is only one item of this design of the shelves, ensuring that we can post it as rapidly (Most of the time the same day - only limited by the Posting Time every day).

Now let’s have a closer look at this amazing magnetic bracelet.

1. First, note that the main metal which used to create the links is Titanium. The reason and the appeal for buyers when the considering purchasing magnetic bracelet is the compatibility of the Titanium metal within the body. That means that titanium magnetic bracelets will always be the best choice people who have overly sensitive skin and may develop allergic reactions to other metals in jewellery.

2. The other thing about titanium is that it is exceptionally light and feels like not having it on at all! A stainless-steel item will be noticeable.

3. In addition to the magnets, there are few extra elements that are said to have their own benefits. They are Germanium and gemstones, grounded to power, mixed with glue and place in the inside of the bracelet.

4. The uniqueness is really in the design of the links: Most of the bracelets had Gold-Rose links, but there are 3 black links inserted in similar intervals between the Rose-Gold links. This makes a stunning item that cannot be ignored, and most likely, will never meet its twin brother ever.

This Special Edition magnetic bracelet is available HERE.