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The great MPS Winter Giveaway

Friday, 29 January 2016  |  Admin

We're giving away a magnetic bracelet to brighten up someone's Winter!

Okay, so here's the deal: last week I was whinging and bitching about this miserable, depressing winter and how magnetic bracelets could brighten it up. Right? Well that's all very well, but in the absence of some act of extraordinary generosity, that all might seem like a come-on to sell you something... like, say, our wonderful magnetic jewellery. Now touting for business may be perfectly honourable in this free-wheeling, laissez-faire capitalist world, but wouldn't it be nice - I hear you asking - if once in a while those purveyors of shiny bracelets and copper bangles actually put their hands into their pockets and gave one away?

Well today is your lucky day. It's like it's Christmas all over again, because that's precisely what we're doing!

Yes folks, we're giving away either the VENUS HEARTS or the EUROPE bracelet to one lucky winner. The bracelets are both titanium and magnetic and we know you'll just love them. The giveaway is over at Facebook, if you Like the page there and enter the GIVEAWAY, you'll be in with a chance when we pick that one lucky winner on February the sixth! If you want to enter from a mobile phone and have any trouble with the above link, you could try THIS LINK instead.

MPS™ VENUS' HEARTS Titanium Magnetic BraceletWe remind you that you don't have to buy anything to enter the giveaway. Just Like our page and answer the question. There is no right or wrong answer. Just say whatever you think.

Now I'm going to ask you to do something contra to your own interests: tell all your friends about our giveaway.

"WHAT!!!!! Are you crazy????" You're probably thinking. " Why should we do that?The more people we tell, the more entries there'll be and the lower our chances of winning!"

Well that's true. I can't argue with that. In this respect, it's not as good as the national lottery. But on the other hand, give us a break guys... and gals. After all, we're being generous with you, by giving away one of these beautiful bracelets. So maybe you can return the favour. After all, Christmas may come but once a year - on the other hand, the kindness of strangers should be all year round.