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Do Copper Bracelets Help Ease Arthritis?

How do copper bracelets work?

Copper is one of the metals which is used in magnetic jewellery, specifically bracelets and necklaces although magnotherapy as it is called, does embrace quite a range of different magnetic products.  Different metals are chosen for different reasons.  Copper is a soft metal and as well as being able to support the use of static magnets, a copper magnetic bracelet will also allow tiny particles of copper to pass into the wearer’s skin which is said to be beneficial for human health and wellbeing and has been linked to the improvement of pain and inflammation in those suffering from osteoarthritis.

Copper is one of the important minerals in the human body and has many essential roles.  Copper maintains healthy metabolism and supports strong bones and a powerful nervous system.  Copper deficiency is quite rare but an increasing number of people have been found to have low copper levels and this can affect joint function.  A magnetic copper bracelet can combine the benefits of magnetic therapy with the advantages offered by wearing copper.

What are the health benefits of a copper bracelet with magnets?

A copper bracelet with magnets offers all the advantages of microscopic elements of copper, an essential mineral, passing into the skin and is harnessed with all the benefits that static magnets can offer the wearer.  A copper magnetic bracelet is like a talisman against disease and illnesses plus it can actively help with pain and inflammation, a feature of many health problems and conditions.  A copper bracelet is commonly worn to manage the painful and debilitating symptoms of arthritis but a copper magnetic bracelet can also be used for countless other health conditions.

The benefits of copper to health

Copper and arthritis

Copper has a certain cachet when it comes to arthritis and copper bracelets for arthritis are one of the most commonly suggested alternative remedies if you take a straw poll.

If you associate a copper band with arthritis then it can be easy to overlook all the other possible diseases and conditions that a copper magnetic bracelet can treat as well as the proactive and preventative impact a copper band can have in simply promoting good physical health and mental wellbeing.  A copper band can undoubtedly help with the nasty symptoms of arthritis but that is just a fraction of the influence it can have.

Do copper bracelets work?

If you understand how copper can pass into the skin in microscopic amounts and you can also comprehend the principals of magnetic therapy then it is easy to see how copper bracelets can really work for lots of different health problems.

The benefits of copper bracelets particularly for managing the pain and inflammation or arthritis are well documented so how can their combination with magnetic therapy open up positive treatment for a whole range of different health conditions?

The mystery of magnetic bracelets

Magnetic therapy is not a real mystery although when the ancient Greeks and Egyptians were using magnets to supposedly pull disease from the human body several thousand years ago, the use of magnets was a complete mystery to them.  But what these ancient peoples did know is that this magical magnetic force worked, even if they didn’t understand how.  And here is how it works

  • Static magnets of sufficient strength increase the flow of oxygenated blood around the body by combining with the protein found in the red blood cells called haemoglobin.  This has iron at the centre of its molecule and the two opposing magnetic forces increase the potency of the iron in combination with the oxygen, ideal for the management of pain and inflammation anywhere in the body
  • Magnets influence the electrical communication between the individual cells in the body which are essential for the physiological traffic that constantly moves around the body
  • Everybody has an electromagnetic field surrounding their body.  Magnets can influence this in a beneficial way.  Disruption or disturbance to the body’s electromagnetic field is thought to be a major contributor to the contracting of certain diseases

What ailments and conditions can a copper magnetic bracelet help with other than arthritis?

First off, copper bracelets can really help with the pain and discomfort of osteoarthritis and not just in the fingers and the joints of the hand and wrist either.

Because the impact of the magnetic field can be taken from the wrist to the heart via the bloodstream, strong enough magnets will allow this benefit to be pumped around the body by the circulation.  So, copper magnetic bracelets can help with arthritis in lots of different locations in the human body plus there are many other conditions and problems which can benefit from this form of therapy.  These include psychological and mental conditions:-

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Low Mood
  • Insomnia
  • The psychological withdrawal cravings associated with quitting smoking

Here are some of the benefits of wearing a copper magnetic bracelet when it comes to physical problems.   A copper bracelet can help with:-

  • Backache
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Hypertension or high blood pressure
  • Rheumatism
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Sport injuries
  • Period pains and cramping
  • RSI or Repetitive Strain Injury

As well as managing pain and inflammation and reducing or eliminating reliance on conventional medication which can have serious side effects, a copper magnetic bracelet can also be worn in a proactive way to help promote good health in conjunction with other measures like diet and exercise.

Is copper good for arthritis?

Copper can reduce the joint pain and stiffness associated with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and that’s before you combine it with the winning effect of static magnets.

Copper was used in the 19th century by French physicians to treat arthritis and was administered in the form of a poultice based on a mixture of lard and copper acetate and copper tablets by mouth.  Nowadays, science has moved on a bit although it is not fully understood still how copper can improve the joint pain and inflammation of these two diseases.  Here are some popular and common theories:-

  • Copper is a catalyst to ensure enzyme reactions occur properly
  • Copper contains several metalloenzymes and one of these, copper-zinc superoxide dismutase, has powerful antioxidant actions which can reduce inflammation.  People with copper deficiency or low copper diets show a reduction in the effect of this metalloenzyme and reduced effectiveness has been linked to connective tissue problems affecting joints, bone and blood vessels
  • Copper is an important element in the synthesis of collagen which is a key structural protein found in the make up of joints and is a crucial promoter of elastic joint cartilage
  • In a more general context, copper is thought to have an analgesic effect on pain and inflammation

Copper can be absorbed in tiny amounts through the skin by the wearing of copper jewellery.  The rate of absorption is between 100mg and 150mg of copper in the course of one year and relies on consistent usage of the bracelet for around 12 hours every day. The usual way to assess copper absorption is to weigh the bracelet or anklet at different points during the year and record the findings.

Pure copper magnetic bracelets

How to buy a men’s copper bracelet for arthritis?

Start by using a reputable UK supplier who will sell you a magnetic bracelet of the correct strength.  Static magnets are measured in units called ‘Gauss’ or ‘G’ or ‘Tesla’ and the level should be in the thousands rather than the hundreds otherwise the magnetic effect will be too weak.

MPS Magnetic Bracelets are the biggest suppliers of copper and magnetic bracelets in the United Kingdom and in Europe.  We have a huge range of different designs and styles as well other metals for you to explore as part of our magnetic jewellery range including stainless steel, a copper and zinc mix and titanium.  We have a wealth of information about the healing properties of copper and magnets on our website as the leading retailer of copper magnetic bracelets in the UK and the European Union.

Copper magnetic bracelets can be plain or embellished and decorated with all manner of different engravings or set with semi-precious stones.  Some gemstones also have healing properties and make a potent mix when combined with copper and static magnets.

You can browse the massive range and purchase copper magnetic bracelet HERE.

Are there any downsides to copper magnetic bracelets?

Copper as a base metal will oxidise (rust, in plain English) and can tint the skin green on the wrist of the wearer.  This is the process of passing the copper into the skin, but some people that are looking to purchase coper bracelets may not be aware of that.  Also, some people (About 1% of the population) with delicate or sensitive skin will react to copper so it doesn’t suit everyone.  Hypoallergenic alternatives include stainless steel and titanium which is about half the weight of steel.

A copper magnetic bracelet could be the catalyst you have been looking for, to treat the pain and discomfort of arthritis and allow you to finally say goodbye to long-term and damaging conventional medication options.  Copper magnetic bracelets can work alongside conventional medicine and also alternative therapies without any complicated or fiddly adjustments and may open the door to a completely new way to manage arthritis, a way which works with your body rather than against it. 

Contact MPS to learn more about this amazing remedy and harness the power of nature and your own body to manage all sorts of different health problems, not just arthritis.