How long will it take for my magnetic bracelet to work?

How long before magnetic bracelets work

It’s really hard to say how long it will take, some people find the results are pretty instant, others begin to notice symptoms reduced over few weeks, there are no hard and fast rules and obviously there are some people who find their bracelets have absolutely no effect whatsoever.

We routinely send email request to buyers to review their purchase. As many review the purchase the same day they recieve it, we can see many feedbacks in the line of "...Too early to tell if the magnets are helping with our arthritis." Not surprising really, as they receive our feedback request email a day or two after their order was delivered (Maybe we need to send this feedback request a little later...)

All general reviews can be found HERE.

However, many customers do leave product reviews, you can read them at each product page.

Here are some of those that said that our magnetic bracelets did have a positive effect:

"This item is very comfortable to wear and I am already feeling the benefits from it"

"I damaged my thumb & wrist about 50 years ago which in later life has given me arthritis in those areas. 
I purchased this bracelet to see if it could help some of the pain.
It is to early, after only a couple of days, but i really believe it may be working. I keeping my fingers crossed."

"Fabulous quality looks good and helps with the arthritis pain in my hands"

"I have been using magnetic bracelets for at least 20 years and know 100% that they work. I work with animals and have always spent a lot of time outside in cold and wet weather. This has taken its toll on a few of my joints but since I have been using the bracelets I am pain free most of the time. If I don't wear my bracelets for 2 or 3 days the pain starts to return."

"Fast delivery good product comfortable to wear and is very good for pain relief"

"It's early days but the product appears to be making a difference in my pain levels so much so I've been able to reduce the amount of drugs needed to control my back pain."

"Improved my balance and removed my lower back pain, also noticed some improvement in my mood, therefore it’s a 5 star"

"Extremely pleased with the products and the very prompt delivery. I have found these bracelets to work well in relieving the worse symptoms of arthritis, despite opposing claims from members of the advertising industry."

"I ordered a bracelet for my partner at the same time I ordered mine. (See previous review). He wears his 24/7 and in a short time he swears he can feel a benefit from wearing it. Speedy despatch and delivery. The free, easy to use link adjustment tool is a good idea."

"I have 3 discs out in my back, awaiting an operation. Had bad pain in my legs and struggled to walk far. My husband got me my bracelet and I cant believe its benefits. no pain and can walk better now."

"I suffer with arthritis for a very long time and for many years now I have been taking lots of pain killers just to get some kind pain relive however since I purchased my magnetic bracelet I am talking a lot less of painkillers and I am definitely in less pain"

"Used magnetic bracelets for years for general creaky joints that go with age (66) saves the doctor time and the NHS money on prescribing pain killing tablets that I don't want to take until it becomes a time when I have to"


So, the bottom line: We cannot tell how long it will take before you are expected to feel a difference, and it seems that some will feel positive effect very fast, while some will feel it few weeks later.

On a personal level in our office we have all noticed the benefits of wearing them (even the more sceptical ones!), within a week or so.