How long will it take for my magnetic bracelet to work?

It’s really hard to say how long it will take, some people find the results are pretty instant, others begin to notice symptoms reducing over a few weeks, there are no hard and fast rules and obviously there are some people who find their bracelets have absolutely no effect whatsoever.

We routinely send email request to buyers to review their purchase. As many review the purchase the same day they recieve it, we can see many feedbacks in the line of "...Too early to tell if the magnets are helping with our arthritis."

However, many customers do leave product reviews, you can read them at the bottom of the product's pages. A typical product review said: "Bracelet working within hours..."

So, the bottom line: We cannot tell how long it will take before you are expected to feel a difference.

On a personal level in our office we have all noticed the benefits of wearing them (even the more sceptical ones!)