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How should I wear my magnetic bracelet?

This is really down to personal preference, some people like to wear them as close to the skin as possible, other people like to have them a little looser.

The one thing we recommend to follow is: Make sure you can fit a finger or two between the bracelet and the skin.

How to wear magnetic bracelet

And remember: However you wear your bracelet, there are plenty of them in the bracelet, so at any given time there will be many magnets that will make reasonable contact with the skin.

Also, it is believed that during wearing magnetic bracelet small movements of the magnets can produce more effective results than un-moving magnets.

With bangles we recommend you wear them with the magnets on the inside of your wrist as close to pulse points as possible, with link bracelets this is easily achieved as there are magnets all the way round the bracelet.

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