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How to care for and clean your magnetic bracelet.

Cleaning / Polishing cloth for MPS magnetic bracelets

The cleaning / polishing cloth we send with every magnetic bracelet


Copper bangles only.

Our copper bracelets are made to be worn everywhere and at all times. They are finished with a thin layer of organic lacquer meant to wear off with everyday use. If you want to have immediate contact with the copper simply wipe the inside of a bracelet with nail polish remover. 

All the metals used in our copper bracelets are solid, with no plating to wear off, therefore if you scratch or blemish your copper bracelet it can be easily removed with a polishing cloth, brass polish, or by rubbing with a lemon or lime rind and ashes, some people even use toothpaste as it has very fine abrasives. Another method that's popular is to prepare a solution of warm water, a teaspoon of salt and a few drops of lemon or lime juice. Place the jewellery you want to clean into this solution, and let it set there for a few minutes, remove it from the solution and thoroughly rinse, then wipe it dry.


Titanium and stainless steel.

We recommend that you remove and carefully clean link bracelets from time to time, unlike copper you should only use a soft damp cloth and then dry with another soft cloth, we also recommend you do this following swimming and bathing, it is absolutely not necessary to use any kind of cleaner on your titanium or stainless-steel jewellery.

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