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No product on this website is sold as a medical device.

We STRONGLY recommend seeking advice from conventional medical professional for any medical condition.

We have received emails over the years that magnets did help ease or treat certain medical conditions. Those testimonials have not been substantiated with medical or scientific evidence.

What is the difference between an anklet and a bracelet?

Magnetic bracelet or anklet

Nothing really, No difference.

Anklets and bracelets are designed for the same purpose: To fit around a cylinder-shape, wrist or ankle - unlike a necklace which has to be specially made to sit correctly on the neck. Most of our bracelets can be made to the correct size to fit on your ankle, so whether you want something sleek and discreet or a high powered anklet with the maximum amount of magnets possible we have something to suit you.

The difference is in the lengths of the item: The anklets versions of bracelets are usually offered in longer lengths that bracelets.

In addition to anklets in the ANKLETS CATEGORY, many bracelets are offered in many lengths options so they can fit anklets.

While anklets was usually women's domain traditionally, many modern men are looking for magnetic bracelets for men. Those can be found in our EXTRA LONG BRACELET category. The reasons are:

Some people choose to wear an anklet as their problem area could be their knee or hip and wish to have something worn close to the source of the problem, other people don’t want to have a piece of jewellery on show as they perhaps already wear something on their wrist.

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