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No product on this website is sold as a medical device.

We STRONGLY recommend seeking advice from conventional medical professional for any medical condition.

We have received emails over the years that magnets did help ease or treat certain medical conditions. Those testimonials have not been substantiated with medical or scientific evidence.

Iím buying for an elderly relative, will they be able to undo the clasp?

The clasps can be fiddly, but the good news is if you purchase one of our bracelets without gemstones or crystals you can keep them on 24/7, shower, bath, swim and sleep in them. In fact most people find it beneficial to keep them on all the time. If you don’t wish to keep them on all the time we do have a wide range of bangles which are easily removable and some expanding bracelets too.

We have a large number of elderly people who buy magnetic bracelets from us and very few of our customers find they have problems, if however your elderly relative is experiencing problems you can return the bracelet with its original packaging for a full refund.

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