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Can I wear my magnetic bracelet whilst using my computer or tablet?

Use of magnetic bracelet with pc computer

In our technology driven world most of us spend a huge chunk of out time on our phones, tablets, laptops or computers, so can you wear magnetic bracelets whilst doing this?

This is a widely debated question so I’ll give you my personal answer to this:

I spend most of my time using some form of device and I wear a magnetic bracelet all the time, in all the time I have worn my bracelet I have seen no adverse effect on any of the devices I use, we also have computers in our offices and warehouses which are surrounded by thousands of bracelets.

If you are still worry, here are some clear guidelines:

1. With a Desktop Computer: No worries at all, as your wrist is always far away from the computer itself.

2. With a Laptop computer: Just keep the bracelet away from the computer. Most of laptop users have only a tiny part of the wrist above the laptop.

3. With Smartphones and Tablets: No worries, your wrist will always be far from the devices.

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