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We have received emails over the years that magnets did help ease or treat certain medical conditions. Those testimonials have not been substantiated with medical or scientific evidence.

What style of magnetic bracelet should I choose?

There are many factors involved with the choosing of a magnetic bracelet, lifestyle is probably the most important thing to consider for example, if you have a very active lifestyle and do a lot of sport its probably best you don’t wear a bangle as these can be caught on things, you might perhaps be more suited to a silicone wristband, this would especially be relevant if you spend time doing a lot of water sports.

Another important factor to consider is fashion!! As a fashion conscious and wearer of magnetic bracelets myself, I like to match my bracelets to what I wear, I have an ‘everyday’ bracelet (actually if truth be told I have a few!) and then I have a Swarovski bracelet (again I actually have them in a few colours) to match with outfits when I go out, I also love the hematite bracelets. If you’re like me and   find it difficult to choose then you should consider splashing out on a few different styles!