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The Knowledge Centre is a prime source of magnetic therapy knowledge on the internet. The original work in this resource has been serving the general public since 2005. (It has been accessible to certain groups since 1999). The material found here is the cumulative result of time and effort by two London university libraries, the library at Trinity college in Cambridge, ancient texts, internet sites (used selectively), personal experience, and of conversation with long-time practitioners of magnetic therapy.

Every day we are confronted by the war that science is waging on illness. It is a very dynamic war, and in this war, we - the people - are the biggest casualties. And we lose whichever way the battle goes: When an illness does not have a cure or a medicine to ease the condition, we suffer from it. When the battle tilts the other way, with the entrance of new medicines, we bear the weight of the side effects. And those side effects have a tendency to get worse. New medicines will always be stronger, and the chemicals will always effect us for the worse with each new medicine.

At MPS we do not call for 'going back to nature'. Not at all. Nature means being naked in the winter, living to the “old” age of 40, and being hungry most of the time. That is the real nature. No. We all here at MPS are grateful for modern medicine, and we use it just like everybody else.

However, the great war between modern medicine and nature is not over yet, and the medical generals still do not have all the answers to our problems. This is where what is called 'Alternative Medicine', or alternative therapy comes in. Into this category fall all the different therapies that were developed over time in different parts of the world, and were not incorporated into the framework of modern western medicine. Today, more and more of those alternative therapies are finding their way into daily treatment alongside traditional western practices. Some are still waiting in the corner for their time to come - waiting for recognition.

Magnetic therapy is one of those alternative therapies that is starting to get a foothold in the door - with some magnetic therapists being recognized and supported by the UK National Health Service. More information can be found at

Our hope is that you use the information in the MPS's Knowledge Centre to gain a better understanding of the possible and alleged usefulness of magnets to our lives, to further your knowledge in a practical way, and that through the presentation of thoughtful and straightforward information, we will restore a sense of order to the confusion that normally surrounds this subject.