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MPS is the largest specialist of titanium magnetic bracelets and copper bracelets bangles in the United Kingdom and in Europe. We do our own in-house designing and control all aspects of the manufacturing process. This means that each and every magnetic bracelet we have is top quality. With the best magnetic jewellery and magnetic therapy products out there, we also offer an amazing return policy, where we will refund your money for unwanted gifts any time - yes, with n time limitation. Over the years we designed and amassed the largest catalogue of magnetic therapy jewelry, which includes men's magnetic bracelets as well as magnetic bracelets for women. Our vast catalogue of products includes over 140 different styles of Titanium magnetic bracelets, more than 50 solid Copper bracelets bangles, and more than 30 stainless steel bracelets. We also offer large collection of expanding bracelets, magnetic necklaces, magnetic anklets, magnetic rings and wrap supports with magnets.

Magnetic bracelets in are usually purchased for different pain management, including general Pain relief, Arthritis discomfort, Arthritis pains, Carpal Tunnel, Muscle tension, Joint Pain, Golf and Tennis injuries, Improve blood circulation, increases energy levels, and improves sleep.

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So, you have decided to purchase a magnetic bracelet and landed here at MPS Magnetic bracelets after a hard days work of searching on the internet generally, and at Google, most likely. If it the first time you visit our store you may be a little dazzled by the quantity of products on offer. How do you select the right magnetic bracelet for you - or in case you are shopping for a gift - which will be the right product for the person who you are buying the bracelet for?

STEP # 1:

The first step towards wellness would be to look and investigate the different metals that forming the body of the magnetic bracelet:

TITANIUM Magnetic Bracelets - A titanium magnetic bracelet will be typically super light - Titanium is about 60% lighter than Stainless Steel - this feature will be attractive to those who want to have a bracelet that you will not really feel.

STAINLESS STEEL Magnetic Bracelets
- The Stainless Steel magnetic bracelet is made of tough 316L surgical strength stainless steel. It will be more resilience against scratches than Titanium, but it is heavier than a Titanium magnetic bracelet.
A note to remember that both Titanium and Stainless Steel are hypo-allergenic noble metals - that mean that for those people with allergy to some metals in jewellery, this magnetic bracelet will not cause rush on the wrist.

MINERALS ELEMENTS Magnetic Bracelets
- A magnetic bracelet from this range will typically combined the benefits of magnets with booting effect of other bio elements such as Negative Ions, FIR and Germanium. Those will come in form of crushed to powder elements that are mixed with glue and pasted to the inside of the bracelets.

PURE COPPER Magnetic Bracelets
- A Copper magnetic bracelet will contain 99.9% copper which is commercially pure copper. Copper gained a reputation to have medically healing properties. It is said that anti-inflammatory effect and is being purchased often to control pain relief for chronic arthritis. Most of the copper products will be of the open edges cuff bangle style.

SPORT Magnetic Bracelets
for use at sport activities- A magnetic bracelet in this category is usually purchased by people who are seeking an active life style where a water resistant and easy to slip on and off features are needed. We offer the IonTopia® Super-Prime Silicone band as a magnetic bracelet that will never snap, easy to put on and off, and with a range of colours.

For those that are looking for the same but a little smarter style, we offer the IonTopia® Hi-Prime magnetic bracelet with stainless steel tag and different colour silicone strap.
Note that the above silicone magnetic bracelets and bands are also are hypo-allergenic.

But the style, you are asking, what about the style?

STEP # 2:

Well, this is really a matter of personal choice. And for that effect, we do have the largest selection of magnetic bracelets out there. If you like the looks of it - this is the magnetic bracelet you should have.

However, we can talk about main different structural styles:

The links magnetic braceletsA links magnetic bracelet will have the magnets spread around the wrist. Not all magnets will be in contact with the wrist at any given time, but as there are many magnets in this style (in the double strength bracelets there are two magnets per link), many will be all the time. Often have a clasp that some elderly people will find a bit fiddly yo open and close.

he open ended magnetic banglesFor the people that do not want to deal with clasps, an open ended magnetic bracelet is the solution. Often called cuff bangle, it had less magnets but all will be in touch with the skin, and there is no need to open and close the clasp.

The Silicone bracelets with magnets
- Another solution will be the silicone band -which is effectively a magnetic bracelet with no clasp.

Expanding Bracelets
- The expanding bracelets are a class of their own. The reason is that they do not have a clasp - which makes them ideal for people who do not want to deal with a small clasp.

Wait a minute - what about the magnets? Have we forgotten the magnets?

STEP # 3:

Magnets - The magnets embedded in MPS® and IonTopia® magnetic bracelets are the latest technology used for manufacturing magnets - rare earth Neodymium magnets. Those magnets are the second generation of rare earth permanent magnets, with equal dual polarity.

All the links bracelets will have the same type and usually the same strength magnets, so there is not much to select from, just the number of magnets is different. We do have a range in which each copper bangle have 4 standard size magnets, and two mega big and strong magnets. Each mega magnet is different as they are a lot bigger and stronger than the standard magnets.

STEP # 4:

Colour. Colour colour colour is all about you and your personality. Not much to say here- go wild or stay classical - it is up to you.

STEP # 5:

Foe men or for women - You will notice that we do group our products by gender. The reason is to help people to select gifts to a partner of the other gender. So we grouped NARROW items as Ladies Magnetic Bracelets, and wide and bulky items as Men's Magnetic Bracelets. If you are not sure when looking for a gift, it is more than not safe to have a narrow bracelet for women, and wide bracelets for men. But we do know of many women that like their jewellery to be big and bald. A fashion statement.

That's is - happy shopping.

Titanium Magnetic Therapy Bracelets, top seller in the UK, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland by MPS Magnetic Bracelets Product Store

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