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Each Product Page provide a lot of information about the bracelet. But there are so many styles, types, metals and magnets strengths to look at, so it is best if you spend a short time clarifying to yourself the reason you are about to buy a magnetic bracelet.

When looking to buy a magnetic bracelet, one should look at few factors:

1. Type of bracelet.

The main different types of magnetic bracelets are:

Having open edges, magnetic bangles are easy to put on and off, and easy to fit to wrist size by squeezing the edges.

Expanding bracelets.
Those are made of links that goes all around the wrist. The expanders do not have a clasp, and as the name suggests, the will expand above the palm of the hand to put them on or off. You can add or remove links easily without any tool (and we provide a printed guide of how to remove links with each order of expanding magnetic bracelet).

Links bracelets.
Those have a Fold-Over clasp, and links can be added or removed with a Tool that we provide with every links magnetic bracelet. The process of removing links is simple, and we provide the tool and a printed guide with every links bracelet.

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In addition, we offer Anklets, Necklaces, Energy Pendants, Supporting Wraps, Hematite bracelets and Silicone Sport Bands.

2. Metal of the bracelet.

Titanium is the most popular metal for magnetic bracelets. This is because it is light and strong and will not cause allergy.
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Stainless Steel.
Heavier than Titanium, Stainless Steel bracelets are better in resisting scratches – which is the offset of being a lot heavier than Titanium bracelets.
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Copper has been used in jewellery for thousands of years and considered to have inflammatory effect.
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3. Size or Length of the bracelet.
We specify the width of each item on the PRODUCT PAGE of each bracelet. Also, the available size or length of the bracelet is indicated in the drop-down box at the right-hand side of the image
> Click to see a guide of how to measure your wrist <

4. Type, Strength and Number of magnets.

All the magnets we use in our bracelets are permanent Neodymium rare-earth magnets, with True North Polarity. Those magnets provide the highest ratio of size to strength and will lose less than half a precent of their power per year. Some Bangles have large magnets, and some Links Bracelets have double row of magnets in each links. Some styles replace some of the magnets with bio elements that are said to facilitate the magnetic field.
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5. Style.
Arguably, the most important factor when buying a magnetic bracelet.
“No”, I can hear you shout – “The Strength of magnets”, “Number of Magnets”, or, the “Metal of the links”. Well, think of that: If you don’t like the looks of the bracelet, it will end up in the drawer, sooner rather than later. And that is a guarantee.

We have the largest number of styles of magnetic bracelets – Take the time to browse them to ensure you – or the person who gets it, like the bracelet.

Types of bracelets

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