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Magnetic bracelets do they really work

Will magnetic bracelets work

This is the questions we are most asked about: Do magnetic bracelets works, and if so, how do they work?

The issue was actually raised a few years ago by Karen Hellesvig-Gaskell and her answers are well worth considering. We did discussed on a blog post here in this site back in June 2017, that she noted the somewhat broad range of ailments which proponents claim magnets can cure. But then, she more or less put the damper on the whole thing by stating that "the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says magnets have no medicinal value."

We claimed in that blog post that this is not true. The FDA does not and cannot state that magnets lack medicinal value. The most that the FDA can state, we argued - and what they actually do claim - is that there cannot be a conclusive evidence that such objects have therapeutic or palliative value.

We think that in real life, millions of people wear these bracelets and many of those individuals take a different position to that of the FDA. But the question that won't go away is do the magnetic bracelets really work at all?

This might seem to us here in MPS Magnetic Bracelets like a step back from the earlier, bolder question about magnetic bracelets - how do they work? The answer most commonly given to the more specific inquiry, is that the magnets affect the iron (hemoglobin) in the red blood cells.

But this suggestion has been ignored by by physicists as well as physicians. The scientists point out that even the stronger magnets in the best bracelets are too weak to do this. Indeed if it were otherwise, then MRI scanners would be dangerous - as would going to the North Pole. Because the magnetic forces involved in these examples are even stronger. The "field" would (presumably) do some terrible things to our blood!

But in practice, it is often the case that medicines are identified as working, without the actual mechanism being understood. Let's take the most important generic medical drug in the modern age, the Aspirin, which took over 70 years the discovery of how it works came about.

One would therefore could argue, as indeed we did, the it would be while before we understand the way magnetic therapy works. And as disregard the 'nay sayers' and elect to treat magnetic therapy as having a scientific basis, then the thing to ask would obviously be, "what do magnetic bracelets help with?"

Over the course of humans on this planet, different users of magnetic bracelets have offered different points of views. But if we adopt a careful dealing of the claims of healing properties, that still allows us to ask a very simple and clear quiry: Do magnets really help with pain?

As we are told again and again by so many customers over numerous emails and product feedbacks over the years that magnetic bracelets ease pains and aches - even if they cannot cure the underlying illness - then they surely have some value for so many people, as regular people like you and I which need them.

And if they work as palliative medicine, then let us not forget that one of the chronic pain of arthritis. If you doubt this, you need only do some market research into the sales figures for arthritis therapy bracelets to manage pain.

But do magnetic bracelets work for arthritis?

For that matter, we would may have been argued that we should not limit the question to bracelets. After all a bracelet is simply an item of jewellery worn on the wrist. But arthritis itself can strike at other parts of the body, like the neck or even lower limbs. After that, the question must be, in our eyes, do magnets work for arthritis?

And while we are wrote about alternative health in that blog post, why should we stop at magnets, why not copper? Let's remember that copper is also said by to have therapeutic properties alone since ancient times. And as we do claim as a belief has been held for so long, then it is surely perfectly legitimate to ask the question "do copper bracelets really work?"

We cannot say that the answer is a sure thing, as none of us here at MPS Magnetic Bracelets is a medical professional. But  many people think so, and we now should be asking why does copper help arthritis? What are the different factors? Could it be connected with atoms migrating through the skin? We know that harmful chemicals can migrate through the pores of the epidermis. So the obvious question must be why not helpful ones?

But still to be checked how can copper help the body? Is it a chemical reaction or - as the sceptics would argue - a psychological one? Whatever the answer is we can be sure that whatever may be helping arthritis pains will be a boon to millions of people who suffer from this terrible illness in the United Kingdom, as well as all over our planet. And let's not forget that those are nagging questions won't go away. Attempts by mainstream medicine to shut down the discussion have completely failed isn't is? Surely, a good reason that it is so hard to reach any definitive answer is because the question has so many dimensions. There are so many areas to explore. For example, do magnetic bracelets really help with pain?

Now of course, if we would just go and ask 100 people, you'll get 100 answers. So for example, if you ask a doctor or medical researcher, what helps arthritis pain, he'll probably tell you that painkilling drugs can reduce the pain but nothing can cure the underlying medical condition.

That is the view of conventional medicine and it is only natural- and proper - that it should take a lot to change it.

There are of course exceptions like Albert Roy Davis who studied the effects of both charged electricity and magnetism on human cells and organs in the 1970's.

He concluded that magnetic energy could even go as far as to kill malignant cells, as well as the lesser - but medically relevant - effect of alleviating arthritis pain. Even suggested that such therapies could be use to treat infertility. Needless to say he was in a minority.

But one would ask, what about arthritis sufferers?

In at least some cases, they tell a very different story. Quite a few of them wear magnetic arthritis bracelets‎ and most of these will tell you that magnetic bracelets 'ease aches'.

This view was in fact supported by a study by Dr. Tim Harlow of Peninsula Medical School  published in the British Medical Journal in 2004. The study involved nearly 200 patients suffering from osteoarthritis over 3 months period.

In order to hide the placebo effect they used a mixture of strong magnets, weak magnets and non-magnetic bracelets. They found that the weak and non-magnetic bracelets produced the same results, but that the strong bracelets produced a statistically significant reduction in pain as scored by the patients themselves, using a recognized scale of pain self-measurement.

So magnetic bracelets DO work, say researchers. But naturally, not all researchers and orthodox doctors would accept these results as conclusive. 

However, even the most hard-headed healthcare professionals must concede one thing and that is that magnetic bracelets cannot do any harm. Obviously, an exception to this is that they can do indirect harm if people with illnesses believe in such alternative therapies to such an extent that they fail to seek treatment where necessary.  But aside from that obvious and indirect exception if there is any upside to things at all, there is no direct down side.
So what are the health benefits of magnetic bracelets - safe alternative medicine is only useful if it is really medicine. That is, it must actually work. Safety is the minimum standard for offering it to human patients, not the maximum for signing off on it as an effective treatment. And this applies to any ailment and indeed any type of treatment, be it curative or palliative.

But what about other ailments, besides arthritis?

Do magnetic bracelets work for headaches?

In fact there is a study by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence which concluded that there was plenty of evidences to clearly and decisively approve the use of Magnetic Stimulation for Migraine sufferers. But this treatment involves high strength magnetic pulses from a machine, not an item of jewellery that is merely worn. The study showed that the treatment was not a cure for migraines, but it did reduce the severity and duration of the attacks. So if you ask does magnetic therapy work, the answer could well be yes. But it does not follow that magnetic bracelets also work.

And then there is copper. Copper has long been considered by some to have healing properties going back thousands of years. But what are the health benefits of copper?

This is best asked of those who have experience meaning, those who actually wear copper bracelets. If that is you,maybe you'd like to write in and tell us. Why do you wear copper bracelets? That at least is a question that can be answered by ordinary people, not on the basis of some scientific study, but backed only by personal experience.

But that still leaves us with the broader and deeper questions of what is a healing bracelet?

As we said before again and again that if we ask 1000 people, you may get hundreds of answers!

(See also a similar article HERE)


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