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No product on this website is sold as a medical device.

We STRONGLY recommend seeking advice from conventional medical professional for any medical condition.

We have received emails over the years that magnets did help ease or treat certain medical conditions. Those testimonials have not been substantiated with medical or scientific evidence.



Magnetic therapy bangles are available in large selection of metal, from copper magnetic bangles, to Titanium, Silver and Stainless Steel bangles.

Also called cuff bracelets, there are also some special ranges that will be suitable for special needs, as the Supreme Bangles Range with super strength magnets, and the Easy Fit Range, which can be fit on your wrist without losing its shape.

Pure Copper Bangles
Copper Bracelets (Bangles) have been designed to provide you with benefits of magnetic therapy healing and the benefits of wearing copper. The copper based Bio Magnetic Therapy Bangles / Bracelets offers many designs and plating (gold, silver and chrome), which enhance their appearance.

Hi-Power Bangles
Developed specifically to answer the demand for high strength super quality magnetic therapy bio bangles, our Supreme Range design is unique and have advantages over brand name magnetic bangles. While Ecoflow have only two magnets, each Supreme Bangle have 6 magnets!

Stainless Steel Bangle
Stainless Steel Bio Magnetic Therapy Bangles and stainless steel magnetic offer many designs and plating (gold, silver). The stainless steel bio magnetic therapy bangle or bracelet contain strong magnets pointed towards the wrist.

Titanium Bangles
Titanium is 60% lighter than similar strength stainless steel, and it is compatible with the human body. Titanium responds very little to electricity, heat and magnets, making it the perfect metal use in bio magnetic therapy.

Silver Bangles
Silver has an illustrious reputation for its use in jewellery. The white metal is a precious metal because it is rare and valuable. Silver is also a noble metal because it resists corrosion and oxidation, which makes it ideal for people who may be have a problem with cheaper metals. 

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