Magnetic therapy jewelry in the USA

Magnetic therapy in the USA is somewhat different than in the UK and the rest of Europe. The sellers are not that well-educated as in the UK, and though all products comes from the same place - the American sellers seems to suggest that their products are different from the magnetic jewelry that are being offered in the UK.

American consumers are gunning for appears to be more towards the 'shiny' ranges, such as Titanium, Stainless steel and Gold, while the Europeans are looking at value for money. That means that Europeans consumers will rather pick a magnetic bangles that have super strong magnets rather than picking a sparkly gold bracelet with less magnets.

Titanium magnetic bracelets and over 30 designs of Stainless Steel magnetic bracelets. Even more,  the magnetic bangles that  MPS offers is over 50 different eye-catching designs.

Double row magnets magnetic bracelets designs, the use of black ceramic cover instead of capping the magnets are only two of a long line of innovative magnetic jewelry.