Could magnets be the answer for menopausal women?

The theory goes that by wearing magnets somewhere on the body, they have a beneficial effect on blood circulation, increasing flow, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the affected areas removing toxins and soothing inflammation other theories include altering the calcium channels in muscle cells causing arteries to dilate or that magnets attract the iron in our blood, increasing blood flow.  This in turn, is thought to ease pain and speed healing.

During menopause many women suffer with sypmtoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, difficulty sleeping, low mood or anxiety, and problems with memory and concentration this could all be because of changes in the Automatic Nervous System (ANS) due to diminishing hormones.

"There are two divisions of the Automatic Nervous System (ANS), the Sympathetic Nervous system (SNS) and the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS). Symptoms such as sweating and anxiety, which are commonly associated with menopause, are under the control of the Sympathetic division, which is our body’s fight-flight stress reactor system. For example, when we perceive a threat, this is the system that causes our heart to beat faster and our pupils to dilate to allow more light for enhanced visual acuity and faster reactions.

In contrast, the Parasympathetic division (PNS) is responsible for REST and DIGESTION. This is the body’s repair and regulatory system and it tends to have the opposite effect to the SNS. For example, the SNS speeds the heart rate while the PNS slows it down. The two systems work together to regulate all of our organ systems.”

Whatever the theories there is increasing evidence to suggest that magnets could work, and with magnetic therapy being a safe non invasive way of treating the menopause, more and more women are turning to magnetic therapy for help, with some women finding an in mprovement as quickly as a few days.

Recently singer and songwriter Belinda Carlisle spoke with The Mail Online.

"I began with night sweats and agitation. I felt out of sorts — I was always a bit warm in the day, too, and I also felt as if my engine was running too high and I felt really, really tired," says Belinda, who is married to Morgan Mason, the film producer son of James Mason. They have a son, James, 22.

"My sleep was affected, so I never felt rested. I could deal with all that — but then the daytime hot flushes began and that was just awful.

I would feel pressure building in my head and the flush would start." 

"I was getting around 40 flushes a day. I would sweat so badly it would be visible on me and I had to get into the habit of taking a change of clothes with me because my blouse and jeans would be wet through."

Hot flushes are the most common reason for women to seek medical help for the menopause — they have a ‘big impact’, says Edward Morris, a gynaecologist at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Trust and chairman of the British Menopause Society.

"If women have them at night it can interrupt sleep, and if it happens at work it can be distracting." 

"I did try taking some more natural things such as evening primrose oil but it didn’t really seem to help", she says.

Feeling desperate four years ago, she went to see a Harley Street doctor, who suggested she tried a magnet.

Without robust scientific evidence, most doctors and scientists would dismiss this as quackery — or at best the placebo effect. Even Belinda was ‘very sceptical’.

But she says: "Within 48 hours, I went from having 30 to 40 hot flushes to having none at all. I felt like the old Belinda again — in fact better than that".

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