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Read a little about the different kinds of products we have to offer on our MPS website:

Copper magnetic therapy bangles

Expanding magnetic therapy bracelets

Gold magnetic bracelets

Hematite magnetic bracelets

Magnetic bracelets for golfers

Magnetic bracelets with gemstones

Magnetic therapy chains and necklaces

Magnetic therapy copper bracelet

Magnetic therapy rings and earrings

Magnetic therapy wraps boddy support

Silver magnetic therapy bangles and bracelets

Stainless steel magnetic therapy bracelets

Titanium magnetic bracelets

All-magnets magnetic therapy bracelets

Alloy magnetic therapy bracelets

Magnetic therapy for pets



We offer a huge range of magnetic jewellery. In fact, we have the most comprehensive selection of magnetic jewelry in the world, including magnetic bracelets for men and women, pure magnetic bangles, magnetic anklets, magnetic necklaces, magnetic support wraps.


Magnetic bracelets for men

Gold magnetic bracelets

Pure copper magnetic bracelets

Copper rich magnetic bracelets

Hi power magnetic bangles

Expanding magnetic bracelets

Sport magnetic bangles
Double strength titanium magnetic bracelets

Black magnetic bracelets

Four elements magnetic bracelets

Magnetic therapy necklaces

Hi power slim magnetic bracelets

Magnetic therapy anklets

Magnetic therapy supports
Magnetic bracelets for women

Gunmetal magnetic bracelets

Titanium copper magnetic bracelets

Stainless Steel magnetic bracelets

Pure copper magnetic bangles

Gothic magnetic bangles

Magnetic bracelets for ladies with gemstones


MPS magnetic bracelets
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