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No product on this website is sold as a medical device.

We STRONGLY recommend seeking advice from conventional medical professional for any medical condition.

We have received emails over the years that magnets did help ease or treat certain medical conditions. Those testimonials have not been substantiated with medical or scientific evidence.

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  • The Data Protection Act 1998 requires all organisations which handle personal information to registered with the Information Commissioner's Office.
  • We are registered and our registration number is: Z178205X.
  • We will NEVER sell, rent or share your information or personal details with anyone.
Data collected at the checkout
  • Regarding your personal details: The information we save while you are in our checkout is only what you entered, as it is needed to calculate the Shipping Costs and post your order to you.

    We must keep those details on file for a minimum of 6 years due to VAT regulations. Those details are kept in electronic form on secure data device which has no direct access to the internet. We will never use those details, and we will never sell, give away or share any of your details.
  • Regarding our email list: If you opt in to receive newsletters from us, it is just that: We will only send you newsletters to inform you of great and wonderful we are, and great the products on this website are. We will never sell, give away or share your email with any other company. You can opt out at any time by sending an email to us, or using the link at the bottom of each email you will receive from us.
  • Regarding your credit or debit card details: We do not get to see or to save Credit or Debit Cards details when you order online. Payments details are being authorized outside of our checkout while you wait (The authorization process takes about 3 seconds).

    If you order over the phone, we will enter your card details on a virtual terminal (Meaning, not on our own IT computers in our office). We will not make any copy of your card details.

    We use the services of PayPal as our payment processors for credit and debit card (Yes, they do more then just offer PayPal account: They are a card processing provider like any other UK bank). PayPal sends us the last 4 digits of the card, and k
    eeps all other card or bank details hidden from us - we will never be able to see those details.
  • Regarding security of information while using our checkout: We use SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer Certificate) with 256-bit encryption to protect the security of your data during transmission. This is provided by the leading brand  Thawte (Owned by VeriSign).
Cookies & Social Media buttons
  • PHPSESSID: Contains a PHP "session ID", expires when the browser is closed.
    The "PHPSESSID" cookie is required so that the site can recognise the same user clicking from page to page. Without it, every page would be treated as the first visit to the site, and anything added to the shopping basket would be instantly forgotten. Online shopping would, therefore, be impossible.
  • Session: Contains a PHP "session ID", can also contain an email address and encrypted password, expires after one year.
    The "session" cookie is intended for the user's convenience, the site creates this with a copy of the initial session ID so that they can be classed as "returning" and the contents of their shopping basket will still be available. If the user signs in with an email address and password, these login details are are also saved so that they can remain logged in when returning (the password is encrypted). If the user signs out, their login details are removed from the cookie.

  • Google Analytics creates cookie on our pages.
    Google Analytics creates cookies in order to provide reports about the site visitors. This is being done for statistic tracking, and Google Analytics cookies do not collect data about the individual visitors (For example, it will tell us that so and so visitors from the UK visited our site yesterday, but not who they were individually). Most selling sites uses this cookie to analyse trends and best selling items.

  • Social Media Buttons: They only becomes active once they have been clicked.
    The only data this site transmit to them is referral information from the page, such as image and title of the item. No personal information is being transmitted.
    When Facebook button is clicked, name and user ID will be transmitted from Facebook to user's account at this site, again, for identify visitors to the site. This can be deleted if requested.
Featured Products
MPSŪ AFTON Titanium Magnetic Bracelet for Women

MPSŪ AFTON Titanium Magnetic Bracelet for Women£44.95   £34.95

YOU SAVE: £10.00 (22%)


MPSŪ MIAMI Black & Gold Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

MPSŪ MIAMI Black & Gold Titanium Magnetic Bracelet£49.99   £29.99

YOU SAVE: £20.00 (40%)


MPSŪ XAVIER Tibetan-Silver Ultra Light Hi Power Bangle

MPSŪ XAVIER Tibetan-Silver Ultra Light Hi Power Bangle£29.99   £24.99

YOU SAVE: £5.00 (17%)

MPSŪ DENEB T Ladies Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

MPSŪ DENEB T Ladies Titanium Magnetic Bracelet£69.99   £59.99

YOU SAVE: £10.00 (14%)


MPS DANYHA C Magnetic Therapy Bangle

MPS DANYHA C Magnetic Therapy Bangle£19.99   £17.99

YOU SAVE: £2.00 (10%)

MPSŪ EUROPE Rose Gold Plated Titanium & Germanium Magnetic Bracelet

MPSŪ EUROPE Rose Gold Plated Titanium & Germanium Magnetic Bracelet£49.99   £39.99

YOU SAVE: £10.00 (20%)


MPSŪ ADANA Stainless Steel RG Magnetic Anklet

MPSŪ ADANA Stainless Steel RG Magnetic Anklet£39.95   £29.95

YOU SAVE: £10.00 (25%)



YOU SAVE: £19.00 (63%)

MPS CHAINS AS Magnetic Therapy Bangle

MPS CHAINS AS Magnetic Therapy Bangle£19.99   £17.99

YOU SAVE: £2.00 (10%)