No product on this website is sold as a medical device.

We STRONGLY recommend seeking advice from conventional medical professional for any medical condition.

We have received emails over the years that magnets did help ease or treat certain medical conditions. Those testimonials have not been substantiated with medical or scientific evidence.

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♦ Steel

Stainless Steel Bio Magnetic Therapy Bangles and stainless steel magnetic Bracelets offers many designs and plating (gold, silver). The stainless steel magnetic bangle or bracelet contain strong magnets pointed towards the wrist. The size of the bracelet can vary from thick, broad Stainless Steel Bangles or Bracelets that appear strong and chunky to thin, slim ones that appear delicate. Your personal sense of aesthetics will determine which of the styles available will suit you the best.

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JENOMI B Steel Rope Design Bio Magnetic Bangle

JENOMI B Steel Rope Design Bio Magnetic Bangle£34.00   £29.00

YOU SAVE: £5.00 (15%)

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