The Committee of Advertising Practice code of practice regarding testimonials is as follows (From a letter sent to us on 17th of February 2012 from Mr. Jim Tebbett, a Compliance Executive):

3.47    Claims that are likely to be interpreted as factual and appear in a testimonial must not mislead or be likely to mislead the consumer.

Clarification regarding testimonials on this website:

Over the years we received many emails from buyers telling us that magnets have helped to ease or resolve their specific medical condition (They stated wide range of specific medical conditions, ranges from arthritis to tennis elbow).

Mr. Jim Tebbett think that by publishing those testimonials here, we imply that magnets will help all people with specific medical conditions.

We disagree. But we have removed all of those testimonials from this website.

...I am trying my magnetic bracelet for common ‘getting older’ creaky joints (I am 54), nothing bad enough for a doctors visit and I certainly don’t want to take pain killers. Within forty eight hours I have noticed an improvement!!!

I was SO impressed with your service, ordered my bracelet at 3.30pm and it arrived next day, more than happy with every aspect of my purchase, thank you. J

Kind Regards

C. Bougen
I ordered a copper magnetic bracelet on Tues. 7 Feb. and received my bracelet on Wed. 8 Feb. What an excellent service. It is too early yet to see what benefit i am getting from the bracelet but if it is half as good as the delivery service i am sure i will be pleased with it. I would have no hesitation in recommending Magnetic-Products-Store to my friends. K. Poole
Good morning, we were very pleased with the bracelet, we have returned it to you yesterday first class requesting that could you please remove one link to enable the bracelet to sit comfortable on my husband's wrist. I have worn a magnetic bracelet for ten years or more and find it very beneficial, and when I want to replace mine I shall be looking at your ladies bracelets.
Many thanks, I do hope that you can help us with the 'missing link' Pamela Collings
this is one of the fastest deliveries i have had . ordererd on fri am deliverd on sat am wow
Very nicely made and produced product - a replacement for my 'old' magnetic bracelet where the base metal copper was starting to show through - went for a double row this time. Like the style of this one; pleased with purchase. Would heartily recommend to anyone thinking of buying from your Company - easy purchase arrangements, arrived in 2 days, postage free!
Thank you very much for a great product, good price and speedy delivery straight after Christmas. Not sure yet whether the bracelet works but they have in the past and so far indications are good. Much better than a previous make which was smaller and very flimsy. This one - brilliant !! Rod pedge